Dying an Unlived Life? (Part 4 of 4)

 Soul-Searching Life-Planning:                                     Refreshing Your Professing                                           Pathways to Embedding Professional Resilience 

 Part 4 of 4: Dying an Unlived Life?

Pt 4 of 4 Soul-Searching Life-Planning for Professionals?           Are you living your life to the full, with gusto?

 The upcoming CIP 2018 National Conference in Winnipeg, on the theme of Soul, is providing an opportunity for revisiting related aspects of the CIP 2017 conference in Calgary, when the theme was Building Resilience. As a College of Fellows panelist then I was inspired to explore the connection between ‘life-planning’ and ‘professional-self design’.

The overall framing of my 2017 panel offering reflected an interest in insights from the application of Theory U, an awareness-based social learning technology, dealing with themes such as absencing and presencing.

In this series I am highlighting the ‘life-planning’ foundation via three themes rooted in ‘soul-searching’ – to refresh one’s professing. The current offering, Dying an Unlived Life? asks: Are you living your life to the full, with gusto?

Pt 4 of 4 Soul-Searching Life-Planning for Professionals

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Ian Wight

A Canadian Scot. Ex-professor, now senior scholar. In re-firement. Passionate about (planning as) placemaking, as well-being (by design). Advocate of transformative professional learning, as professional-self design. Attentive to the making/s of professionals via praxis, ethos and poiesis.

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